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Need a partner who won't let you down during busy periods & big projects? Do you want to find projects for your development team?

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Why add your project to the Circle?

Quality tech talent is tough to find. Our unique solution enables you to scale your tech team with top developers & designers, handpicked by us from our exclusive network specifically for your needs.

Why list your talent?

We have created a two-sided platform that helps IT outsourcing and outstaffing companies to get matched with projects from mainly from US, Australia, and UK based software development companies.

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Are you an IT Service Provider? Sign up and add your company expertise to our portfolio and start growing your pipeline.

List your vacancies or available team members

Add your projects where you need additional team members or list you available talent.

Pick your partner

Sit back. We hand-pick the top firms to join our partner network. Our continuous screening process ensures we only onboard the best to our community.


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Who is it for?

The Circle is a collaboration platform for Software Houses and IT Outsourcing companies.

How do I start a project?

Start by filling out a project request or directly schedule a call with our technical hiring managers. Once we understood your requirements we aim to match you with best-fit talent or team.

Where do you get your talent from?

Companies apply to The Circle to be listed on our platform. We regularly attend conferences and meetups to meet new and exciting talent.

Where are the development teams based?

We work with developers around the world and don't have a preference for location. But we do have a significant proportion of our talent based in Eastern Europe and Latin-America.

Where do you get your projects from?

We have Software Development Companies mainly in US, Australia and UK, who upload their projects where they need teams or additional team members.

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